What is Reflexage?




Your baby’s feet in safe hands

All classes are taught by fully qualified reflexologists who are trained as Tiny Toes Reflexage Practitioners.

They can offer you 1-1 support at your home or in their treatment rooms, or training in small classes.

Tiny Toes Reflexage combines elements of baby reflexology, baby massage and movement.  It is an effective way of communicating, connecting and calming your baby.  Babies first language is touch and through reflexology and massage using safe gentle effective techniques you can enhance your bond and aid many early discomforts.


Course duration: 4 – 6 weeks

Locations: See our list of local instructors-CLICK HERE

Price: independently set by individual practitioners


Reflexology is a relaxing complimentary therapy that has been practised for thousands of years.  It is based on the principle that every part of your body has corresponding points on your feet.

Baby reflexology has been created in a gentle form and requires no creams or oils and can be done anywhere anytime. All you need is their bare feet!


Massage for babies was first introduced around 30 years ago in neonatal wards to support the development of premature babies in intensive care units.  Studies showed that babies who were massaged regularly spent less time in hospital and had fewer postnatal complications.

Massaging a baby regularly has many benefits for parents and babies, combined with reflexology only enhances the benefits further.

Benefits of reflexology and massage…

Empowers parents

Enhances your bond

Relaxation for both of you

Promotes development

Tummy time






Colds & coughs

General well being


All classes are kept small and cosy to ensure a high level of support and you will complete the course feeling confident in the techniques you have been shown.  Courses run for between 4-6 weeks and are suitable from 4 weeks of age to crawling.  Many parents prefer to wait until their baby has had their first health check at 6 weeks.

All Tiny Toes Reflexage instructors also offer 1-1 support if classes are not suitable for you.

As qualified reflexologists we can also offer your baby advanced reflexology treatments if they are suffering with any conditions.  A fully history of health issues will be taken prior to start of course.  Throughout the course you will be provided with illustrated sequences to use at home.

Tiny Toes Reflexology aims to:

  • Encourage and develop the bond between parent and baby
  • Offer a peaceful environment where you and your baby feel calm and relaxed
  • Show you techniques to help support your baby’s well-being
  • Support you after the course so you feel confident and relaxed to carry on using the techniques that you’ve learnt

For classes in your area please CLICK HERE

All techniques learnt are not an alternative to seeking medical advice

Calm and soothe your baby naturally anywhere anytime

This is an absolutely amazing class and Emma is a brilliant teacher! This has helped my son so much with his colic and as the weeks have gone on you can visibly see that his tummy is so much more relaxed. I was very sceptical about reflexology but wanted to do baby massage so thought I’d give it a go and I’m so pleased we did. My 5-year-old wouldn’t settle to bed so I tried a treatment that Emma had taught us, she said she felt all floppy and was asleep within minutes!

Sophie Northampton

Harry and I thoroughly enjoyed Emma’s baby reflexology course. I didn’t realise how powerful reflexology was until I went to Emma initially when I was pregnant and learnt of the baby course then. I knew straight away it would be something I’d love to do with my new baby once he arrived. Emma is so friendly and clearly passionate about what she does it made it so worthwhile, she made sure we all understood what we were doing each week. I also got to meet 3 other lovely mums and babies! So, thank you so much – it’s definitely something I will carry on doing!

Karen Northampton

Such a lovely relaxed class set in a calm, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The session itself was so flexible so that we could feed our babies and change nappy without it disturbing the flow of the session. Helen was amazing and so relaxed and knowledgeable. I was one of those parents who was initially dubious about the benefits of reflexology, having completed this course I’m a convert. My little one suffered from extreme wind which often kept her up at night. Since we started the massage and reflexology course and putting the techniques into practise I’ve noticed such a difference. Thank you, Helen, for such a lovely course. Would highly recommend. It was lovely to make new mummy friends too.

SallyLeighton Buzzard

We loved the tiny toes course! Emma is so welcoming and knowledgeable, it was great to learn techniques that we are continuing to use at home. My baby really enjoys massage now and it’s a lovely thing to do together