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Question: Is there an annual fee?

No there is no annual fee

Question: Is this a Franchise?

No this is not a franchise

Question: On completing the course what initials can I use?

On completing this CPD course you will be qualified and be able to get insurance as a Tiny Toes Reflexage Instructor.

Question: Can I massage babies?

No, you will not be qualified to touch and massage a baby. 

As a qualified reflexologist, with written consent from parents, you can treat babies with reflexology.

Question: Can I run baby massage classes?

You will be qualified to run Tiny Toes reflexage classes not baby massage on its own.

Question: Do I have to call my business Tiny Toes Reflexology & Baby massage?

You  choose your own name for your baby business that reflects your existing business and personality! You can state on your webpage or social media posts that you are an accredited Tiny Toes Reflexage Practitioner.

Question: Do I have to use the set sequences learnt on the course?

The sequences provided have been created to effectively combine elements of baby massage and reflexology and are copyrighted.  Any alterations would need to be approved by founder Emma Baxter. 

You can develop your own advanced individual reflexology treatments for when you treat a baby or child.

Question: Can I treat babies and children using reflexology techniques?

Absolutely! On the course you will learn advanced techniques that you can use confidently on babies and children.

Question: Can I teach a legal guardian Tiny Toes Reflexage?

If the guardian has written authority stating the baby is in their care you can.

Question: Can I show the techniques to another reflexologist?

No, only Emma Baxter founder of Tiny Toes reflexage is qualified to do this.