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Question: What age does my baby have to be for reflexage?

Reflexage is suitable from 4 weeks old.  Sometimes, it can be preferable to wait until their 6-week health check.  Some babies find it more beneficial when a little older.

Question: Do I need to provide anything for the course?

Most Tiny Toes Reflexage Instructors will provide rugs, towels, cushions, blankets and oils. 

Please discuss with individual instructors on booking your course and notify them if your baby has any allergies.

Question: Is reflexology safe for my baby?

By choosing a Tiny Toes course you ensure that you will be taught by a qualified reflexologist. 

They will take a detailed consultation form from you on booking of the course.  If for any reason they have concerns they will ask for permission from your GP or health visitor.

Question: Can reflexage stop my baby’s colic, reflux or constipation?

 As reflexologists we can make no bold claims to resolve or cure conditions. 

The techniques you will learn many parents have found to be hugely beneficial for these conditions.

Question: How big are the classes?

Tiny Toes promotes small classes, please check with your instructor.  Most classes only allow a maximum of 6 babies.  1-1 sessions are also offered

Question: What will I receive after the course?

Fully illustrated sequences in aPDF that you can have on your phone or print off. Easy access to look at your techniques wherever you may be.