By Simmone Jones, Bournemouth Reflexology

Some newborns suffer from intestinal pain, and when there is no physical diagnosis it can be distressing, leaving you with a sense of helplessness.

So how can you help your baby?

Studies have shown that there are two different types of factors to bare in mind when it comes to infant colic:
 – The emotional factor of the baby
 – The emotional factor of the parents

Some babies may respond to changes in their diet and / or medications, but some may not.

In some cases the cause of baby’s discomfort and pain may be emotional rather than physical. The reason that the symptoms of colic started may not be due so much to intestinal gas or any other intestinal discomfort, but that the baby’s own emotional state caused the development of physical pain.

In studies it has been found that infants who suffered from colic were hypersensitive babies. That is, they have reacted more intensely to external stimuli.

Seeing this coincidence in all of them, the study was established to see:

1. If when getting the baby’s relaxed the colic disappeared
2. Find out if the baby had uncovered physiological or emotional needs that ended up developing colic
3. And to see if in covering these needs the colic disappeared without necessity in changes of feeding etc.

The studies were based on the principle that a baby, when stimulated or offered any of the above effects, relaxes automatically.

As a conclusion of the study, it was mentioned that it would also be necessary to observe the impact of the parents / caregivers on their emotions. It was verified that if the energy of the adult who tried to calm the baby was very nervous or anxious it was more difficult to calm the baby. When changing the energy of this person by someone who was in a more relaxed state they were more able to calm the baby.

The emotional factor of colic is very strong. Regardless of whether it is the one that causes the physical pain or the physical pain is the one that causes the distress.

By learning baby reflexology and massage techniques you will be able to relax and calm your baby, easing your sense of helplessness.You may also find a deep sense of calmness and relaxation yourself whilst attending the classes, which is so beneficial for you and your baby.

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